Oil & Gas

For tightly regulated industries, it’s vital to have complete control. From drilling to refining to transportation, the oil and gas industries have many areas that must be managed. From biofuel refineries to fuel gasification and even to ethanol and methane processing, Mitsubishi Electric can help simplify how you monitor and control various operations.

Mitsubishi Electric’s process control is a flexible, highly reliable platform with advanced functionality. Redundant CPUs and hardware ensure there are no disruptions to your processes. This is a solution that meets your wide range of oil and gas needs in a cost-effective manner.

Our new, integrated SCADA system monitors and controls infrastructure processes. Its open connectivity lets you quickly acquire valuable, actionable information to stay on top of everything across all oil and gas operations. See it all clearly with our line of advanced HMIs. Through the scalable GT Series, you gain superior visualization so you can effectively manage your processes.