Cost Of Operation

Lower Your Cost of Operation

Managing industrial processes is not without its risks, but it’s easier to manage your risks if your equipment is reliable, flexible and cost efficient. That’s why Mitsubishi Electric designs solutions that lower your operating costs while allowing you to move your data across the enterprise.

Our software and hardware combine to give you a seamless way to move information throughout your facility. We have the largest variety of PLC, PAC, HMI and VFDs, and we offer industry-leading solutions for your SCADA needs. Our development efforts have resulted in software that provides new, open connectivity options. You can easily integrate your existing systems now — and add new systems later — while minimizing both installation downtime and costs.

The iQ Platform is designed to be flexible enough for use in factory, hybrid and process applications. Its ultra high-speed multi-CPU main base unit consolidates multiple disciplines into a single automation platform, allowing you to realize fast communication across the backplane between sequencing CPUs and motion controllers. iQ enables the sharing of standard I/O across the range of control applications, leading to improved availability, lower cost and high-functionality solutions.

Our I/O are designed to reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs by utilizing them in multi-discipline systems. You can also use them with process and redundant CPUs, reducing the number of spare parts you need and thereby lowering your maintenance costs.