Open Connectivity

New Open Connectivity Options

Device-to-device communication should have no restrictions. This is critical in today’s multi-protocol world, so it’s critical to our product design.

By focusing our development efforts on supplying new open connectivity options, we provide best-in-class additions to your installed systems. And our scalable process automation solutions are designed for fast data transfer for your industry. For instance, the medium-sized iQ PAC features open connectivity to standards such as Ethernet IP, CC-Link, HART, Modbus and PROFIBUS.

Our new integrated SCADA solution combines hardware and software for a true “Open Architecture” concept without any reliance on a particular vendor. The system features seven sets of Q25PRH redundant CPUs with two remote I/O panels connected via dual-loop MELSECNET/H remote I/O network. Since the high-speed CC-Link/IE peer-to-peer dual-loop fiber optic network connects each panel, you gain unrivaled speed and connectivity.