Optimize Processes, Protect Your Investments

Having the right equipment at the right time is key to succeeding in your business. Through its proven migration strategies, Mitsubishi Electric lets you upgrade to our new equipment without eliminating your current automation architecture, independent of manufacturer.

As new technologies are introduced, you’ll want to upgrade, but we know you can’t afford to stop all your systems. Mitsubishi Electric can simplify your migration process. This is possible because we’ve developed thousands of applications and process-oriented products, so we have the knowledge base and know-how to provide process-specific modules and new process function blocks that simplify your migration to our automation solutions. We make sure you can improve performance without losing your current capability or connectivity.

We designed the Q Series with migration in mind. The Q Series presents the most economical and least disruptive method for you to migrate to innovative controls technology, all while protecting your existing equipment and peace of mind.