Improve Operations Through Better Visualization

It’s easier to manage continuous industrial processes when you have superior automation, including the best visualization. Mitsubishi Electric ensures you’re always aware of all levels of your operation.

The e-F@ctory solution migrates information across multiple data layers from the shop floor to the enterprise level, giving you a truly visible information model. It also integrates the actual automation hardware at all levels of control on the shop floor. All of this is enabled through the revolutionary iQ Platform architecture, which consolidates a range of controllers and our advanced line of HMIs.

To improve operating efficiency and plant visibility, you should look to MC-Works, our OPC-based HMI and SCADA family of applications. When you deploy MC-Works into your facility, you gain enhanced quality control through SPC and SQL. You also gain more flexibility – MC-Works lets you interact with your plant and access critical data from a browser, tablet or even a smartphone.

Our GOT Series of HMIs are scalable to your industry’s needs. They offer rich visuals and capture information critical to your operation. The GOT Series also supports all native networks such as CC-LINK IE and over 230 third-party interface drivers. This means you’ll always have visibility of the whole system, independent of manufacturer. You can instantly pinpoint an error source when trouble occurs. When you have this superior level of visualization, reducing communication times as well as maintenance costs is simple.