Reliability Built on Redundancy

Minimize downtime and reduce errors. This is possible when you have our built-in redundant capabilities. With Mitsubishi Electric, you can be assured you have the most reliable process automation capabilities.

With Mitsubishi Electric’s process control solutions, you gain a flexible, highly reliable platform with advanced functionality. It features bumpless loop control processing, high-speed analog processing and easy-to-use engineering tools. And you can create a fully redundant system from the power supply and CPU to I/O, which ultimately maximizes system uptime. Process and redundant CPUs provide high-speed loop and sequence control with phenomenal reliability. Look to the Q Series analog modules featuring channel isolation, high accuracy, high resolution and loop detection capabilities.

Our software has been specifically designed with redundant systems in mind providing interface from the redundant system to the PC, a redundant data historian (MCWorks) and unrivaled data logging capabilities. Through our interface software you can program the system application without it being conscious of the redundancy of the control system. If system switching occurs due to a control system failure, invisible to the client application the interface software continues communication with the new control system by switching to the standby system automatically.