Energy Efficiency

Easily Manage Your Energy

The easiest way to save energy is by making energy data more comprehensible. Mitsubishi Electric delivers the solutions that help you reduce consumption, monitor usage and lower costs.

Using the Q Series rack PLC system, EnergyPAQ can monitor and track data for up to five independent circuits. And it comes with an innovative display screen and pre-loaded software, so critical data is immediately visible.

Our digital ME96-NSR Energy Meter can be scaled to read currents from 5A up to 30,000A. This digital stand-alone meter has an LCD display that delivers visual clarity and reliability. And you can simply connect to a network using MODBUS RTU or CC-Link.

The QE81-WH Energy Module is a valuable tool in spotting energy-related problems in the manufacturing process. It accurately measures circuits and tracks consumption variables. And the data generated by the QE81-WH can easily be transmitted to other energy-monitoring equipment in your facility.

Energy conservation is made possible through the most efficient motor and amplifier designs in the industry. Our VFDs use optimized excitation control. These VFDs monitor the actual load needs and adjust the voltage and current needs in real time rather than using a predetermined load curve. This provides up to a 30% energy savings over most other competitors’ VFDs.